Reasons not to write

Reasons not to write:

I’m not such a good writer,

I’m bad at expressing what I mean,

My grammar and sentence structure need work,

And I have other things to write: the thesis, the thank you notes, the shopping list, the emails, the job application, the diary pages…

Anyway, I don’t have time to write.

I don’t have a nice desk.

The dog needs walking,

The house needs cleaning,

And the dishes need washing.

Nobody will read it,

And if they do,

People won’t like it.

People won’t like it so much they’ll bring it up to me in person,

And then people will laugh at it.

I am unfocused,

And I won’t stick with it – except, really, it’s the only thing I’ve ever stuck with to make sense of being a person who is alive and in this world. Even in the thesis and the shopping list and the diary pages. It’s all the same striving.

So maybe my phrasing can be clunky, and only my best friends will read what I write, and maybe everything’s already been said anyway,

But I’m allowed to say it my own way. I’m allowed to be a bad writer, an average writer, an unoriginal writer.

Better than listening to the reasons not to write and never being any kind of writer at all.

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